Mobile Application Development

Having an online presence essentially starts with delicate and well thought out website. With our dedicated team of qualified and professional graphic and web designers, developers, SEO consultants and project managers, we are able to deliver highly professional and visually appealing websites that are user-friendly.

Web Application Development...

Web Application Development is tailored exactly to the way your business works. Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch or transfer your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective method.

Mobile Web Application...

Mobile Web apps run in smart phones and tablet browsers, and work automatically on multiple platforms. Web apps are the great solution for easy access of more than one platform.

These apps can be developed rapidly, are very affordable and can also work offline. They work well when transferring content to multiple mobile devices that are difficult or expensive, with limitations. When marketing tools are limited, in uploading the mobileweb app to the app store and there can be limited access to phone features.

Due to the advancement in HTML5 - the main technology used in web apps, are becoming more powerful with increasing access to advanced UI components, access to rich media types and geo-location services.

Native iOS & Android Application...

Native apps are compatible in the production of complex or advanced features like augmented reality, location-based services and third-party device integration via technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Near Field Communication (NFC).

These apps can be developed rapidly, are affordable and can also work offline. They work well when transferring content to multiple mobile devices that is difficult or expensive, but have some limitations.

Hybrid Mobile Application...

Hybrid development combines both the native and HTML5. Hybrid as a web app is primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript. They provide the best of both worlds as the hybrid application technologies of different kinds. With respect to mobile applications, a hybrid application influences both native and mobile web technologies.

It benefits from the versatility of web technologies with the combination of powerful device features and SDK. It is well suited for a broad range of applications and can still provide a good user experience.

Mobile Application Development...

Our expertise developers focus on building high performance mobile applications for dynamic and interactive browsers. We render our services to all size of business organizations. Squadl always aspire in providing technical solutions for our client’s queries.

When change becomes the law of Nature, be a part of it! Wish to change?! Then we are excited to help you to groom your business with our smart mobile applications.

Mobile apps have enhanced as an essential marketing tool in the technically advanced era, so we optimize the best apps that fit into the smart screen of your smart customers.